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We are an IT company based out of Pune, India that works with customers ranging from small business to fortune 50 companies. As a privately owned company, we provide IT Consultancy, IT Services, software design and development, software testing as well as professional services and maintenance majorly but not limited to the following verticals:
  • Financial Services (e-commerce, banking )
  • Health Care
  • Life Science
  • Hospitality (Hotel Management Software)
  • Retail
  • Logistics


Our mission is to enhance the business operation of our clients by designing and implementing premium IT products and services. Our mission includes:
  • Providing high quality software development services, professional consulting & outsourcing that would improve our customers operations.
  • Providing our customers Value for their Money and providing our employees with meaningful work and advanced opportunities.


To provide affordable/ cost effective and easy to adapt solutions that will bring a positive change in the society.
Doshaheen crew with profound experience of more than a decade, brings rich and varied offerings in software development and testing. We have let the market demand evolve our services for the better, what has never changed is our focus on grander quality both the end and the means to the end. Having rich domain experience in Health Care, Life Science, Retail, Finance and Logistics, we thrive to be your best competitive partner with top quality and cost. Towards our customers we have a collective sense of urgency, responsibility, responsiveness and commitment. The journey we embarked upon is based on the importance of Core Technology, high level of Quality with collective Accountability and Ownership. This has helped us keep our focus on tomorrow’s innovation in Information Technology. Our aim is to provide end to end solutions where any inefficiency in the system can be weeded out with appropriate technology. We have an unwavering faith in our value system the 5 Cs (Commitment, Customer, Cost, Crew and Celebration) which we sincerely abide by.

We have in-depth expertise in Application Service and Product Development. We have expertise to implement any software development solution through iterative steps of analysis, proof of concept, build and test, and release cycles of the specific product or application.

Our simplified and productive methodologies help the client address their increasing business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet their business requirements. The services aim to develop high-quality flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular and scalable to facilitate enhancements, reliable, secure and easy to deploy. Our application maintenance services also help the client get the best out of their existing IT applications. The services include offshore-ability analysis, maintenance and enhancement.

We offer a full range of product development services for new product development and for re-engineering existing products to new platforms and technologies. Our Software Product development life cycle management services aim to accelerate the creation of software products, reduce time to market and help predict schedules.

We have worked in:

  • Technology Services
  • Web Technologies
  • Mobility
  • Data Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Testing Services

Technology Services

With the continuous advancement in technology, enterprises have great opportunity to automate their processes and do business more efficiently. Doshaheen always aims at helping organisations implement their solutions most effectively and efficiently by our software development methodologies and techniques. Be it in the space of desktop based, client/server, cloud computing we have a wide range of experienced people working in our team.

Web/Mobile Technologies

We are witnessing a major user shift to mobile space as more and more complex social interactions, digitalization, and technology driven peer to peer exchanges are happening at an astonishing speed. The web is no longer limited to our desktops and laptops. More and more people are being taken to tablet, smartphone, self-serve kiosks and interactive touch screens. Consumers are accessing content everywhere and anywhere via a wide range of devices. The customer expectations and technical innovations have changed over last few years with these trends. In this era of rapid digitalization on web, we focus on ‘Smartly connecting & securing the digital world’. Our endeavour is to enable and assist our enterprise customers to connect to their customers and other stake holders in a smart and secure way while driving the business goals. The demand for quality digital services and the need for consistent user experience lay the foundation for us to develop and deliver services that focus on customer engagement and business efficiency.

We leverage the emerging as well as core technologies in our web technology solutions to enable the world’s top enterprises, governments and organizations deliver business value to their customers and shareholders.

Data Management

Whether it be advanced user behaviour analytics or simple mobile measurement, analytics itself has become the backbone of the digitization since its inception, and has grown to a high level of sophistication. As decisions are increasingly driven by data, analytics has become integral part of decision making. With the growth of multiple different channels, it’s imperative that many organizations have a pressing need to analyse and interpret the data more than ever before.

Doshaheen with its core data science experience help enterprises take effective data-driven business decisions. We help organizations explore new market opportunities and exponentially grow with the data analytics solutions.


The impact of E-commerce on business in the twenty-first century are improving productivity, cost savings, streamlined business process, better customer service and opportunities for new business.

When it comes to Web Design and Development, Doshaheen boasts of having deep expertise in the area. We have complete solutions like custom website design, Static and Dynamic website development, E-commerce Website Development, SEO friendly websites, Web Applications built on various technologies and more. We have in-house team who is quick to understand the client requirements and determine the optimal technology solution for reducing costs and gaining an edge in the business. Our Elite teams of Web Programmers employ leading-edge technologies that require minimum maintenance and generate more business, so that our company remains your partner of choice for Web Development Projects.

Quality Assured Services

Organizations need their Testing and QA to become an integral part of their working to help them transform their business. We are a trusted partner for our clients around the world by providing them with our deep experience in QA and Testing. Our testing services can be proven to deliver measurable improvements in quality, faster time-to-market, cost reduction and more efficient IT operational processes –helping businesses achieve quality transformation. We have proven track record of delivering high quality products to our clients by our expertise in this area.

We can set up your Testing Centre of Excellence to take care of all your testing needs. Our Service offerings include Application Testing, Mobile Testing, Test Automation and Security.

We specialize in Medical Device System Testing along with Computer system validations, CSV, Part 11 validation assessments for FDA regulated businesses.

Computer System Validation (CSV)

The FDA defines process validation as "establishing documented evidence which provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce a product meeting its predetermined specifications and quality attributes." The objective of validation, therefore, is to produce documented evidence that parts of the facility will work correctly every time, when brought into use. The goal is also to make sure that quality is built in to the system at every step; and not just a factor at the 'output' end of the process chain.

Both the FDA and ISO: 13485:2016 require CSV.

Computer System Validation Services

At Doshaheen our computer system validation experts have validated computer programs for FDA-regulated businesses, including medical device manufacturers and clinical research organizations. We understand the “WHY” of the validation process and use the latest tools such as HP ALM And JIRA to manage our CSV testing to minimize the time taken to validate the system thus saving time and money for our customer.

  • Manufacturing systems - We comply with GAMP 5 guidelines to validate Manufacturing systems.
  • Software Validation - Computer systems validation services for SAP, LIMS, Salesforce, Manufacturing tools , and other business and laboratory data management systems
  • Web Based Applications - Specialized validation services for web, cloud, and mobile applications
  • MS Excel Spreadsheets - Spreadsheet security and compliance with 21 CFR 11

Additional Electronic Record Compliance Services

  • Part 11 and Validation Assessments
  • Data Migration - Migrate data from legacy systems and ensure accurate data transfer following FDA and ISO 13485 guidelines.
Doshaheen’s Healit range of products for clinics and small hospitals are a new age hospital management solutions which are set to transform the clinic management and information solution use in clinics by shifting the focus from recording healthcare to delivering “Healthcare”. The solution has a analysis centric approach with intrinsic EMR, strong clinical focus and a full function ERP making it a comprehensive solution for the clinics. Healit goes beyond clinic automation to help you achieve Patient Care and Satisfaction, Patient Health Management through EMR, Lower Cost of Operations & Effective Decision Making,With this product, large and medium-sized clinics can streamline patient care, clinic administration and clinical support activities. Your health care institution can realize better administration and control, enhanced fund management, better reporting to aid strategic decision making, and improved patient care and satisfaction. Doshaheen’s Check-inn Hospitality Solution is a complete range of solutions for the restaurant, bar, lodge and inventory management. It is the latest technology married to the best domain knowledge in the industry. We are a step forward in the features provided that makes our clients WOW! As they use our web based solutions.
Celebrating Festivals Celebrating Doshaheen
A time for celebration, A time for Victory, Doshaheen celebrate this Diwali and Navratri festival with full of joy.
We turned 5!

Passion, Dedication, Hard Work, Sacrifice, Integrity, Expertise, Flexibility and Faith is all it took for us to reach this milestone. And not to forget, the most important teachers, our customers, whom we met during our journey, without whom this would have not been possible. Thank you all for being a part of our journey.

Celebrating Taste and Celebrating Color
This hot summer the month of May ended with our first enthusiastic event “Celebrating Taste and Celebrating Color”. Doshaheen celebrated this event by participating in the recipe competition with some delicious, yummy, mouth-watering food. Employees had their chef’s hat on and the office laid a spread of a banquet hall. An atmosphere of togetherness and team spirit captivated by the “RED” color to embrace the thought of unity in diversity. All in All a moment to remember.
Doshaheen participated in the FAMDENT Show 2014 held at Mumbai. Discussion was held on the ‘Advantages of a good Dental Clinic Management Software against the manual system’. Various dental practitioners attended the show. We are truely overwhelmed by the response we collected form the event.
Doshaheen Solutions showcased the dental clicnic management software – Healit DENTO in FAMDENT Show Pune 2014, one of the largest dental expo in the country. We successfully impressed a large number of Dental faculty with the demonstrations of Healit DENTO.
Doshaheen listed among 10 most admired QA and Software Testing Solution Providers 2018

QA and Software testing has evolved considerably in the last 10 years of existence. Requirements have moved on from being generic testing to highly specialized ones. Generic testing has moved to 100% automation and the niche testing requirements are being outsourced to super specialist testing teams, Doshaheen is one of the expert from them.

Doshaheen, an IT company based out of Pune, India that works with customers ranging from small business to fortune 50 companies. The company has seen the software/ hardware testing requirements move from general testing requirements to personalized requirements and now to super specialized requirements. With the innovation growing at such speeds, one cannot afford to have “one size fits all” formula anymore. Clients are feeling the need to test applications in various phases of their lifecycles with specialized tools and skills.

Doshaheen listed among 25 Fastest Growing Startup companies in India 2017
Doshaheen listed among 20 most promising Healthcare and Service providers 2015 by ERP Insights
Doshaheen listed in the 20 Most Promising QA and Software Testing Companies by SiliconIndia.

Walking in the lines of Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others, Dhanesh Mathkar too founded his company Doshaheen – a software solutions provider – in a garage in 2013 with an unconditional support from his wife Gayatri Mathkar. Quitting a high profile job in the U.S. was though not easy for him, but his dream to be his own boss and bring in a change in the current Indian testing industry prompted Dhanesh to pursue his delusion without any condition. While still a garage startup, Doshaheen catered testing services to over 40 companies in the U.S and the U.K. Today, the company houses 25 intellectuals specialized in testing services and ecstatically deliver functional and specialized outsourced testing projects from its office in Pune.

The field of testing has come a long way since it was first started 15 years back. Today, the scenario of software testing has completely changed in terms of what the clients are looking for. Earlier, testing was a part of the development work outsourced to a software company. But today, it’s a standalone industry, where companies specialize in offering exclusive testing services. This is where Dhanesh and Gayatri saw a huge gap in the testing industry where companies were in a dire need of testing companies who can flawlessly take over the entire testing responsibilities ranging from requirement gathering till user acceptance test, and not in bits and pieces unlike most providers. This is why, the duo established a center for testing excellence where a dedicated team of excellent minds work on a particular client for a period of one year. This equips the company with a flexibility to rotate its professionals and train them whilst keeping the talent in the group itself. Doshaheen also offers testing services as a standalone service which is outsourced to it. Highly celebrated for its outstanding service proficiencies and industry-leading solutions, Doshaheen is emerging as a complete soup-to-nuts testing services provider. Its worthwhile and unproblematic solutions are constantly revolutionizing the testing industry.The enterprise aims for a global change in the software scenario by incorporating substantial growth and innovations in the market.

With a promising team of zealous individuals, Doshaheen believes in providing quality software development services and specialized consulting and outsourcing services to its circle of clientele spread across industries like healthcare, life sciences, retail, BFSI and e-Commerce. In the recent times, Doshaheen has donned the hat of a product company by offering few in-house built healthcare as well as hospitality products for the Indian market.

Considering team unity as one of its biggest positives, Doshaheen persistently encourages its employees by allotting them work according to their domain of interest. With this highly motivated tech fanatics, the company envisages soaring high in the IT industry in the days to come by strengthening itself by adopting improved advancements. The company also pictures to create local jobs for aspiring techies in India and give an opening to young pacesetters of the country.

At Doshaheen our focus is to provide IT Service offerings with enhanced value to our customers by leveraging on our domain expertise, strong delivery methodology, competitive cost and above all our passion to make a difference. Doshaheen as a company strongly believes in the mantra “COMMITMENT & GROWTH”, which leads everyone to explore opportunities, grab challenges, seize responsibilities – rewards then follow the path. Being an organization with a global mindset, we strongly believe that working in multicultural teams help us align to the needs of the corporate significantly well. At Doshaheen we do not offer Jobs we offer CAREERS. At Doshaheen we are young, vibrant, ambitious and always game for challenges. We define ourselves as positive, committed and a change catalyst. Right now, we’re rigorously working towards serving humanity with our expertise, but yes, not without a good dose of fun! For those who love to dream and believe sky is the limit, Doshaheen will take you beyond. We welcome you to experience our journey at Doshaheen!
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